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Achieve a healthier weight
for your fertility and pregnancy


​Hi. I am Dr Katie Psarou your fertility and maternal health (aka pregnancy) dietitian with a special interest in weight management


I help pregnant women and couples who are trying to conceive to get their bodies ready for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby


If you would love to
* be FREE of counting calories
* INSTINCTIVELY make good food choices
* GAIN CONFIDENCE on how to balance your meals 
* WITHOUT dieting and restricting the foods you love (carbs, cheese or chocolate)
* KNOW how to best eat and plan your meals even if you don't have time and
* GET DIRECTION and SUPPORT for your TTC and pregnancy journey
then you are in the RIGHT place!


My MISSION is to EMPOWER YOU to make small sustainable lifestyle and nutrition changes and optimise your body through mindful eating habits
* to increase the chances of conception
* to prepare your body for a baby
* to get your body back into shape after pregnancy and
* be the best version of yourself for the rest of your life.

I understand how thinking about your weight can feel like a barrier to get pregnant or enjoy your pregnancy

It is very hard when dieting for a long time to feel like you can keep going when nothing is working

when there is a lot going on in your life...

all you really want is to know

what to eat and when to eat

to improve your health, your fertility

and have a healthy pregnancy


"I have learned how to understand my body (hunger/ fullness), what a truly balance diet is like and how to lose weight safely, without starving myself. I am well on my way to reaching my goals and now I don't worry about my relationship with food as much. I am very lucky I found you and I am incredibly grateful for your help"

Lorene HP, Sustainable Weight Management and Fertility Nutrition Programme

Fertility and Pregnancy Nutrition

Schedule an appointment
Get a personalised action plan
Feel confident in your food choices and in charge of your body weight 



"Katie was great at making me feel at ease, and helping to debunk myths which i have seen on social media around PCOS. I stepped away with a lot more understanding of PCOS and a clear action plan. Thanks Katie"

Holly. P, Weight Loss and Fertility Nutrition Client

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Want to Nourish and Thrive through YOUR pregnancy?  

Grab my
FREE 3-day Meal Plan

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